About Director Toolset

The Director Toolset software works with complete projects which can handle different setups simultaneously. On all these setups, different screen configurations can be loaded.


  • Director Toolset is a stand-alone application that runs on a Java Virtual Machine and that does not require extra services to run. It is a one-in-all application without need of the AdminEngine and Driver processes.
  • With Director Toolset you can control several configurations simultaneously. Even when the configurations are connected via different COM ports, it is possible to switch from one to another in a split second.
  • Director Toolset can be used to design and create a configuration offline, while you have no hardware devices at hand to detect. This feature makes it possible to design and prepare a show on the road, so that most work is done once you arrive at the show. You then just need to plug-in, detect and get the show running.
  • The Director toolset comes with a configuration management system, which allows the user to copy, save, recall, compare, .. configurations. A library of configurations can be created for later re-use.

Director Toolset

Director Toolset



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